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So, I'll post about nearly anything, but most often it will be politics. You'll generally find me ranting against deficit spending, federal usurpation of states' rights, and the ongoing attacks of the current (and past) administrations on civil liberties.

Sometimes, I'll just post something that's funny to me. Be warned, I'm profane and irreverent, and I despise both George Bush and Barack Obama. That said, I welcome intelligent points of view and repartee. Let's get it on!


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Another great column from Will.

#FuckBarackObama - Fuckin’ “A” right and well past due. You can’t let this tyrannical dickhead deploy troops where there’s no imminent threat without your approval Congress. I mean WTF?

Sadly, if the headline read: “Stalin vs. Michael Bloomberg” I’d be rooting for Stalin.

Good to see Jindal continue to distance himself from any chance at the White House. Now if we can just get Ted Cruz to do the same.

Fuck Sunil Dutta. Police officers work for me. Since when do you (they) get to determine how the constitution is applied? You’re a piece of shit, and yeah, I’ll tell it to your face.

As much as I despise McConnell, I find myself in the unenviable position of rooting for him to remove the abominable Harry Reid from power. As a plus, the tactics he describes seem particularly appealing to me.

#FuckBarackObama - nice indictment of the tyrant-in-chief; esepcially love the dig at Valerie Jarret, a truly loathsome individual.

I’m just hoping there’s a Ferguson near Jesse. Long time comin’

Good riddance

When I read down to see that Mr. Joel reports to well known piece of shit James Clapper, I didn’t bother reading it.

Makes me happy. This bitch represents politics at its worst - she has absolutely zero conviction beyond whatever it takes to get re-elected.

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