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So, I'll post about nearly anything, but most often it will be politics. You'll generally find me ranting against deficit spending, federal usurpation of states' rights, and the ongoing attacks of the current (and past) administrations on civil liberties.

Sometimes, I'll just post something that's funny to me. Be warned, I'm profane and irreverent, and I despise both George Bush and Barack Obama. That said, I welcome intelligent points of view and repartee. Let's get it on!


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#FuckBarackObama - Sadly (at least on this issue) @JoanWalsh proves the stopped clock metaphor once again. The tyrant-in-chief remains unchecked.

Love this - #FuckDHS, #FuckBarackObama

I kinda think I like it…

Possibly the only time Charlie Rangel has ever been right about anything. I approve.

#FuckBarackObama - cause why obey the law when you’re the king?

Fuck, get anyone - hell get Peter Dinklage - to play Dr. Strange. Just for fuck’s sake don’t let it be Joaquin Phoenix…

Uh, possibly the last state in the country you want to be running for office with that on your resume…

Nice to know that Liberal lion Inouye was such a prick.

Maybe @SenFeinstein should STFU and get back to the job of defending the tyrant-in-chief and NSA for stealing our civil liberties. Sick of this shit. We like football; it doesn’t need to make a social commentary.

Uh, why do we need CHIP if we have the abortion known as Obamacare? How many fucking insurance programs are enough for the liberal spending machine?

I’m gonna guess, having read the first paragraph, that Krugman - who never met a tax or spending he didn’t like - will be calling for some form of up-front “investment” with no guaranteed payoff. Seriously folks, if you wanna decrease carbon, tax it. Directly, and transparently.

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