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So, I'll post about nearly anything, but most often it will be politics. You'll generally find me ranting against deficit spending, federal usurpation of states' rights, and the ongoing attacks of the current (and past) administrations on civil liberties.

Sometimes, I'll just post something that's funny to me. Be warned, I'm profane and irreverent, and I despise both George Bush and Barack Obama. That said, I welcome intelligent points of view and repartee. Let's get it on!


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I’m sure the Liberal paradise will figure out a way to solve the drought. Guessing it involves higher taxes…

Doesn’t the title sorta obviate the article?

Pigeons apparently were charged for the service.

Because if the union has its way, a special pickle placer and nobody but him will be able to place pickles… - Like anyone really needed to read the article…it’s frickin’ awesome. Because, you know, nude models

I’m very obviously happy about this. #RedskinsForever

Cause talk is cheap. If we were serious we’d stop sending them fucking aid and helping build their missile shield.

Love Dennis Kucinich…

Wouldn’t a hooker be cheaper?

Damn! This was the kinda person I wanted protecting the feckless fuck in the White House.

Thank God we gave all those taxpayer dollars to New Orleans to rebuild! Fucking awesome move.

Again, sadly, it’s highly unlikely @BarackObama’s “life is in danger”. #ExaggerateMuch?

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