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So, I'll post about nearly anything, but most often it will be politics. You'll generally find me ranting against deficit spending, federal usurpation of states' rights, and the ongoing attacks of the current (and past) administrations on civil liberties.

Sometimes, I'll just post something that's funny to me. Be warned, I'm profane and irreverent, and I despise both George Bush and Barack Obama. That said, I welcome intelligent points of view and repartee. Let's get it on!


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#FuckBarackObama - Guess SCOTUS was right corporations are people. This would explain the set of BALLS Microsoft apparently grew. Would that the rest of the tech community follows suit.

Best news of the day. Fuck @HarryReid

Good to see that even some Democrats know that @HarryReid is a piece of shit.

You can’t be an independent thinker and be intimidated by the Jewish lobby. Scarborough is a pussy.

#FuckBarackObama - hoping at least Rand Paul tells the White House that enough is enough, and to shove their terror request up their ass. Not like #Obama gives a shit about the law or the constitution with respect to his imperialist endeavors.

Sadly, @SenFeinstein who represents the worst of the Senate surveillance defenders, will continue to protect and defend the NSA and CIA efforts to destroy our liberty. Join me in telling me to fuck off.

But when we do it, it’s not terrorism

Be real nice if this were the end of a slimy piece of shit like Cuomo. At the least let’s hope that Mr. Bharara’s investigation causes him to lose the governor’s office. At best let’s hope he’s in prison.

Why don’t we send more patrols to the droves to stop them? Where are the Droves?

Nothing quite a fun as Liberal angst…

There’s absolutely nothing like a good beaver!

#FuckBarackObama - he won’t legalize pot becuase he’s not the fucking emperor. That said, he could use the Executive Branch’s fabled “prosecutorial discretion” to stop enforcement. Sadly, in this one instance it would do the public some good, he won’t; mostly because he’s a incompetent piece of shit.

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