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So, I'll post about nearly anything, but most often it will be politics. You'll generally find me ranting against deficit spending, federal usurpation of states' rights, and the ongoing attacks of the current (and past) administrations on civil liberties.

Sometimes, I'll just post something that's funny to me. Be warned, I'm profane and irreverent, and I despise both George Bush and Barack Obama. That said, I welcome intelligent points of view and repartee. Let's get it on!


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Wow, wonder how Paul Krugman would react?

Some good news at least. Although the only good thing I can honestly say about McConnell is he’s not as bad as a Democrat.

I wasn’t aware it was illegal to recruit your competitor’s workers, or to try to gain competitive advantage. Guess I missed that part of the Liberal manifesto. #UberRocks

Love it when Obama apologists like @JoanWalsh turn on those from the Left (West, Dowd) who have the temerity to call the tyrant-in-chief what he is. Bodes well for GOP in the midterms when she’s whining this consistently!

Jerry Brown - Liberal messiah; proves once again that he’s just a shill for public unions. He’s a piece of shit.

Hey @RJEskow - haven’t checked the twitterverse, but guessing there’s quite a few that like me; feel that avoiding funding this abortion of a government is God’s work. I’m gonna be eating at BK a LOT more!

Yet another reason I watched “Under the Skin” on mute…

Utter bullshit. Fuck @SenFeinstein and fuck @BarackObama. The public has a right to know what these mendacious pieces of shit have been doing to our civil liberties.

#FuckBarackObama - And you’re still glad you voted for @BarackObama? What a lying piece of garbage. Guarantee he plans unconstitutional military action. Just trying to decide whether he can afford to wait till after the midterms. Same with immigration reform by fiat.

If the Dems are really concerned, then here’s an idea. Cooperate. Completely. Give the commission EVERYTHING they ask for. If you have nothing to hide and stand by Clinton’s record, what’s the problem? Right.

Even the next great Liberal hope cannot avoid pandering to the Israel lobby - it’s political suicide to criticize them in Washington. And yet she still gets a pass.

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